brugs indoors now

tommysmommy(Colorado)October 20, 2011

I had the budding/blooming brugs in the garage but realized it was still quite cold in there and noticed blooms were pale. SO all got sprayed with soapy water, then when dry brought inside. I'm hoping their color deepens, last night not much fragrance either. What do you all think? BTW, Santa Rosa has flower getting ready to open and the tendrils are already coloring pink before the bloom has unfurled. I haven't seen that before.

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chena(z8 Texas)

Boy you are one top of things.. We had a Frost warning last night.. NO WAY I could have pulled off getting everything in.. Besides the fact it is suppose to be Beautiful next week.. Thankfully we only got down to 37*..Everything looks fine but DANG I am dreading this AGAIN..LOL I hope you post some pic's!! Is Santa Rosa not the best!!!


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maile_2010(4 Central MN)

Hey Bruggers,
We in central Minnesota had a good freeze last nite and are expecting a good freeze tonight also but everything is in the garage now and blooming and dropping buds from the last ones I dug up. Just another season but the garage smells awesome.

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It was darn chilly this morning but nothing close to freezing. I really should get my act together and start moving plants but keep putting it off, as usual. I'm not worried if the brugs get hit with frost but there's quite a few plants outside that are really tender. Hate it : (

Blooms indoors rarely have the same color intensity as outside. Even under HPS lights they aren't as vibrant.

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

Hey, Jerry, no frost last night for me in the suburbs of Mpls, only got to 34.

All my brugs are in the garage except for the two largest ones which are full of blooms that are about to open. Those are covered with sheets and that white frost protection stuff (can't think of the word). Temps are to be warmer for the next 5-6 days/nights and hope the blooms are finished by then as I will be digging them up next week.

A few of this year's young plants are setting buds and will be kept under lights until they bloom. Will let others go dormant and put them in my basement in a cool dark room.

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I think brugmansia flowers get pale from lack of light, not from cold.

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

Light frost last night but covered brugs are fine, a little squished, but fine. Think they will straighten up as the afternoon warms. One blossom is open already and some others will be by tonight. No frost expected until next Thursday.

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marquest(z5 PA)

We have not had a frost yet. It has gotten down in the upper 30s. I do not bring mine in until frost but all mine are in pots.

This is the first year I have been growing them that I did not get any flowers. The few buds I got something ate them. This was a true bust for me this year.

Looking forward to seeing your blooms.

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