Companions to Peonies and Lilies?

angsellisApril 10, 2007

Hi my name is Angela and I live in Newmarket, Ontario.

I am hoping I can get some suggestions for companion plants for stargazer lilies and festiva maxima peonies. I am growing them against the southwest facing wall of our home and would like to add some shrubs and other perrenials. so far the only plants there are the lilies which are located in the middle of the wall and the peonies have yet to be planted... I was thinking of russian sage, lilac, hydrangea, roses and alyssum but I am not sure if any of those go or if there are better suggestions? I would prefer low maintenance plants as I already have two other gardens on the property to keep up with.



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I always like geraniums and iris with peonies.

I also ripped out my Russian sage last year. It's easy. Too easy. It was fine for about three or four years, and then it wanted the entire bed AND the lawn.

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Naked Ladies (they are lilies and I have no idea of their full name)but a neighbor gave me some to plant between my peonies. In the spring the foliage shoots up quickly as a rich green that contrasts nicely with the red peony shoots. The peonies then grow over the dying bulb leaves and, then in the middle of summer, up pop the lily flowers over the peony greenery, it amost looks like they are blooming again.

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