Conflicting info on nasturtiums and tomatoes

insomniac23(z8 Oregon)April 21, 2005

Hi everyone. I have been reading posts, books, and looking at internet sites - some list nasturtiums as a good companion plant for tomatoes, and some list it as an antagonistic plant. Anyone care to share their growing experience?

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laurelin(z5a/4b Upstate NY)

I've found nasturtiums to be great companion plants for my tomatoes. I would recommend planting them a few feet away, and letting them vine their way among the tomatoes, since nasturtiums have rather large, aggressive root systems (at least in my garden - I pull them up at the end of the season, and get 2-3 feet of roots from each plant). The tomatoes don't need competition. They do look great together. I use the nasturtiums as a "trap crop" for aphids; when they look ratty, I cut back the affected stems and leave the rest to grow on.

I do prefer to grow "bushy" nasturtiums, especially 'Alaska.' They'll travel a few feet, but not climb all over the tomato trellises. I grew 'Moonlight' one year, and it practically took over the garden.


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I kind of like the climbing ones in the tomato cages. I think they look pretty. My tomato plants don't seem to mind the competition.

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What do you think about planting Borage, Chamomile, Geraniums or Petunias? I need some advise for my grandmas garden. I was planning on planting tomatos, bell peppers, basil, and some of these flowers to prevent afids, and tomato worm, any help would be great. Please email at or call/text at (619) 947-1709

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