Which company should I order from? and other q.

njmomma(z6 NJ)April 26, 2010

Not much variety locally. Also, will it thrive in this location: zone 6, south side of house almost full sun, against ugly wire fence. I might need to buy 2 to cover the fence better.

I cannot spend a small fortune so are there any less expensive ones that perform really well? I would like 2 complimenting colors and sizes - such as a light bigger pink with a smaller flower darker pink.



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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Silver Star Vinery is highly recommended here and sends bigger plants than many.

Type IIIs are easiest to prune and cover large areas faster.

How do you feel about purple? Pinks tend to fade in hot sun. 'Polish Spirit' or 'Etoile Violette' are dark purple and 'Betty Corning' or 'Prince Charles' are lavender.

'Venosa Violacea' is purple and white and 'Huldine' is white.

'Rouge Cardinal' is red purple and 'Comtesse de Bouchard' is pink.

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njmomma(z6 NJ)

I ordered from Brushwood as they had very good reviews. I'm glad I didn't see Silver Star because it would have taken me forever to choose - so many! But good to know for the future. I ordered HF Young, Comtesse de Bouchaud, and Blue Angel. I hope they do well for me.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Brushwood is just fine. If your plants are in 4" pots when they arrive you should pot them into gallon pots and let them grow up before planting into the garden.

I've never ordered from Brushwood, not sure what size Clems they send....

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Brushwood's clematis are a year younger than Silver Star.

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chocolatemoose(Z1, North Pole, Alaska)

Silver Star Vinery is THE best. Worth every penny for quality, size and service. I got my first clems from there. Dabbled elsewhere(ebay, etc.)trying to save money and returned to ordering from Silver Star this year. Live & learn. You get what you pay for.

Brushwood doesn't currently ship here, so I can't vouch for them though I have to say, based on feedback elsewhere, I'd order from them if I could.

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