topnotchveggieApril 6, 2006

I am looking to plant corn, what are some companion veggies and non-companion veggies? And how does one take advantage of this companion gardening? (in other words, how should the planting grid look?) How close to one another can one plant? Thanks.

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kilngod z6b(Zone 6b)

Cukes do well with corn. Plant the corn far enough spaced apart to hill the bases, otherwise the first big storm will knock the corn flat down. Put them in a bit of a ditch, then put the cukes right in between every or every other corn in the row (not in between the rows--you need that dirt for hilling later).

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Cilantro will keep grasshoppers away from corn. Cukes with their spiny leaves will keep away raccoons because they don't like walking over them with their delicate paws. Both plants worked well for me in the past seasons.

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frdnicholas(Albuquerque NM)

Is it okay if the cucumbers climb up the corn? I am hoping to plant Armenian cucumbers which I understand like to climb. Does that sound workable?

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You could try squash and bush beans. The squash climbs the corn. Racoons don't like dealing with vines and won't get the corn. The beans provide nitrogen to the corn and squash.

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