weird foamy looking ? fungus

swarminaJune 18, 2006

I have a ? about something I saw on a monkey grass plant this w/e. It is white, soft, puffy, foamy looking, almost like marshmallow and was all around the base of the plant and leaves. It had some more slimy looking clearer stuff at the base. I tried to hose it off and some of it was pretty tenacious. I ended up just digging up the plant and tossing it and sprayed fungicide in the area. What the heck is it??? Thanks in advance!

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woodywoodchuck(Wake Forest, NC 7)

Noticed a similar fungus near my daylillies only this was yellow. Did look like melted marshmallows, up to an inch thick and appears to be only on top of the soil. I attributed it to all the rain we had last week.

It was half on tripple shredded hardwood mulch spred in the early spring and soil ammended with lots of leaf mulch. It did spread to bare soil on one end. Sorry I didn't get a picture before removing it!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Both of these sound like one of the many slime fungus, a totally harmless but unsightly organism. If so, fungicides are not warranted. Images would help, of course.

Slime molds come in a wide variety of colors and textures, and are often found growing on mulch, though that is not a prerequisite. Some species will actually move around as it develops, even crawling over sidewalks, etc.

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Cuz'n Dorie nailed it. Slime mold, frequently referred to in lay terms as "dog-vomit fungus". Neat stuff, if unsightly, and non-hazardous, to boot.

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woodywoodchuck(Wake Forest, NC 7)

Great news, thank you. I simply scraped up what I could and tossed it in the way back woods. The dog-vomit fungus is a perfect description.

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