Pole Beans and??

enzo(7b Arkansas)April 14, 2002

I have two raised beds 4ft wide and 8ft long. On the two long sides of each I have a 6-7 ft high string frame for growing pole beans. The seeds have sprouted and I was thinking that I would like to plant tomatoes down the middle of each bed. Will there be a 'companion' problem? I know one year I planted onions and that was bad news for the beans. Any thoughts on this?


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NicoleH(9 CA)

Carrots, Corn, Cucumber, Eggplant, Lettuce, Pea, Radish, Savory, Tansy would be good companions for your pole beans.


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Be careful not to plant tansy where livestock or pets can get it - it can be poisonous.

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MagicGarden(z8 Redding, CA)

corn is wonderful with pole beans... provides a pole. You can add a squash for a "three sisters" approach to gardening.


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Just about any plant would be fine with the beans, except alliums (onions, garlic, chives, leeks, etc.) Corn is traditional and the best companion, because it provides support.

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organicdan(z5b Nova Scotia)

Tomatoes do not like pole beans - also not friendly to dill, fennel and potato.

Pole beans do not go well with basil, beets, cabbage, fennel, kohlrabi, onion family, radish and sunflower.

In my tight space of about 26' x 50' I allow 10 feet or better between adversaries. There is no plant in my plot that is in isolation - all are companioned, even if only with flowers or herbs.

Try a search for 'companion planting' to obtain several charts. I use them every year not trusting to my memory. You can add your experiences to the charts if not already made note of; you can also post it in this forum to advise use and get further confirmation. Not everything is available at one source.

Try the like below to get started in companion planting.

Good gardening, OrganicDan

Here is a link that might be useful: Companion Planting - info & Chart

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Nasturtiums, corn or squash seem to work best. Adding a couple of peppery nasturtium flowers to your beans when serving adds a litle zip to the dish too.

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chefskate(Sunset 15/ CA)

I've planted pole beans about 2 feet away from tomatoes... am I in trouble?

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