Red, white, and blue border

shelley_r(7b NC)May 25, 2004

I want to plant a red, white, and blue border. The bed is about 2-3' x 30' and is a combination of sun, partial sun, and shade. I'm more concerned that the plants withstand the bright sun and heat and it's OK if they don't bloom profusely in the shade.

I'm thinking of Salvia 'Lady in Red' and ??? Any ideas? I'd rather have 3 different plants that will go together nicely.


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White zinnias and dark blue petunias would be pretty with red salvia. EP

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margay(z5 MO)

I think Salvia has a nice blue. I think it is victoria. In my eye! it is bluer than petunias are blue, to me they are purple. I would use blue salvia, and red petunias and maybe an artimesia silver brocade for the white.

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shelley_r(7b NC)

Just thought I'd share my final decisions - Salvia 'Lady in Red', Pentas 'New Look White', Ageratum 'Hawaii Blue', and a few Salvia 'Victoria Blue'.

The Pentas have burned a little from the sun, but the literature says they have good heat tolerance. The Ageratum looks good, but I've read (since planting) that it may not handle the heat extremely well. So, I'm mulching and watering and hoping for the best.


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statman(z5 IN)

A couple years ago I did a long rectangular planter in red, white, and blue that garnered some compliments. It included Saratoga Red nicotiana, Hulahoop Red petunia, Telstar Picotee dianthus (red with white picotee edge), Paper Moon (white) lobelia, Silver Dust dusty miller, licorice plant, Victoria Blue salvia, Riviera Midnight Blue lobelia, Fields Blue ageratum, and a blue Summer Wave torenia hybrid from the Suntory collection of Proven Winners.

The planter received afternoon sun and did fine (but that was in zone 5).

I like the idea of using Pentas...little white stars.

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