Clematis rookie

allstatsApril 21, 2014

I am a BIG rookie on this flower but love it .
I purchased 6 last year a purple Jack a matis (?) and a pink alos I got 4 passiflora (passionflower ) that I was told was the same family . I put 2 in containers and the other 4 in the ground ( I guess I should add I live in Va ). but this site is awesome info .question being I had beautiful blooms last year on all plants , so when should I start to see these come to life again as all I see now is brown twigs ,not brittle but not green either .

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opheliathornvt zone 5

I'm quite a bit north of you, but many of mine are starting to grow now. Not all of them, but some. Have you looked really closely? Some of mine start by sending up new stems right from the ground level, so you have to bend way over to see them, and some of the others look dead, but if you look closely at the stems you can see the buds swelling and turning green. Yours probably should be showing signs of life now, but you really have to look hard for it.

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Clematis and passionflower are not the same family at all - very different vines with very different characteristics. Passionflowers get huge and are mostly evergreen and often invasive in many settings. If not showing any signs of green at this time, it's likely yours did not survive the winter. Growing vines in containers can be a little challenging if you are not familiar with the vine. They are certainly more prone to winter cold damage under thee conditions.

btw, your 'Jack a matis' is probably Clematis Jackmanii, one of the earliest hybrid clematis and still one of the best.

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Your VA climate should be very good for a passion vine to get out of control. If that's what you wanted, it'll definitely work. But if not, you might want to pot up the passion vine also.

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What you are being told about the passion vine is that one day you will see the vine appear across your lawn and wonder how it got there. If that is not what you want, keep it in a pot. Your neighbor may wonder what is growing in his beds......

Just trolling through.. sorry...

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