Wondering if I get enough sun...

vp_78March 31, 2014

We just trimmed a lavender starflower, which means we now have a spot in our yard that should get sun in the summer from sun-up until at least 4:00 in the afternoon, which means if I dig up our container Abyssinian banana then I might be able to plant citrus. BUT....

The light here is weird. From February until October, it gets a full day's sun. But from October until February, only the very top gets PART sun, the rest is in the shade. And the top part gets sun because the tree is in a container, so it's a little bit elevated (the top of the tree is probably 7-8 feet off the ground).

Because the tree is in full sun in the summer growing months, I'm wondering if there'll be enough sun for any citrus to grow? I'm thinking orange or even a kumquat.


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