How do I move Christmas Cactus outside?

ca_peg(Hardiness Zone 8)August 15, 2006

I have just moved back to CA from Utah and brought with me my pathetic Christmas (actually it's a Thanksgiving one) cactus. I really wasn't very good to it (it sat indoors), but it doesn't die. I would like to treat it right now, and think moving it outside is probably best (when it's inside I mess with it too much).

I live in the Inland Empire - gets up to 100+ most of the summer (lately somewhere around 95ish). I heard that I'm suppost to introduce it outside gradually...especially since it's been in a house that is no hotter than 80. But, I also heard that it's not suppost to be moved much. I put it on the porch tonight, it's suppost to be 90 tomorrow. Does gradually mean leaving it outside for longer and longer periods but bringing back inside the rest of the time?

Thanks for clearing this up for me.


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Yes, I would think gradual is best. I am not sure but if you do that, and make sure it gets no direct sun and leave it out till the shorter days/cool nights can affect it, you may be able to get it to bloom. However, I am unfamiliar with your climate and seasons out west so I may be wrong. Also, I put my plants outdoors in the late spring and don't know if the extra summer days they spend out there make a difference. Someone should know. As far as moving plants, I hear that alot and I am always moving mine with no negative results. Unless you are moving them from and into extreme climate and lighting changes, I don't think they really care.

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One possibility is to let it cool down a bit & move it outside permanently. I have not had good luck moving plants between temperature extremes myself. Ask the locals in your area, but maybe it may cool down in September or October. I keep mine under shade cloth, although I would probably increase the lighting in the winter. You will probably need to protect it from winter rains & frost (if you get any). I keep mine outdoors all winter.

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Im not so sure you want to move this plant outside in your zone. Im in Phoenix, very hot summers, and I keep mine inside all year long. I actually had trouble with it in my house when I would be out all day and leave the AC off, it still could not take the heat. Now I have it at my office, with the more regulated temps it is doing great. South facing window area that has an overhang so no direct sun but very bright. My advice is to find a good spot in your house, perhaps in a more humidified area like the bathroom or kitchen, and leave it there permanently. Below is a link to a good article with more detail on care.

Here is a link that might be useful: Care of Christmas Cactus

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Moving when not in flower isn't the problem..they say, once you see a bud it shouldn't be moved..Otherwise moving around doesn't matter. When/if your plant starts to flower, then let it be..otherwise flowers can drop..Toni

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ca_peg(Hardiness Zone 8)

I just checked on my the plant...not super happy I think. I bit droopy and two segments fell off! It got some sun this morning (we have had cloud cover for several days and none this morning) and I think that made it sad. I'm such a bad plant mama. I took your advice Murmanator - put it in the south facing bathroom. Lots of light there. Now hopefully it will flower this year. It never flowered after the first time since I moved it all the time because it was on the counter in my itty bitty kitchen and needed to move it to use the counter. Thanks.

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