My Harlow Carr Needs a Miracle

iris_9(z9CA)April 26, 2010

My poor Harlow Carr...I just bought it at a plant sale today and wanted to plant it quickly. I planted it on one side of the arbor, and then decided it would do better on the other side and in trying to dig it up, lost half the root ball. Then dug hole on other side and planted it deeply. Now read that they should be planted only to depth of plant in container. Do you think it will make it, given the poor start I've given it? I'm afraid to try digging it up again for fear of damaging the roots more. Any advice (or encouragement) will be appreciated.

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Do not worry! Deep planting is recommended by most of the Clematis experts. It protects the crown and helps to promote multiple vines development.
Keep the soil moist, but not soggy. It will be fine!

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

You know Harlow is a non climber right? You'll have to tie to the arbor and it won't grow all the way up and over.

I planted most of my integrifolias deep, would not worry about that.

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Uh oh...did not know that it doesn't climb! I thought they were all climbers . On the tag it says it grows 9-11 feet so I thought it would climb! Is keeping it in an upright position difficult? Maybe I should let it be a groundcover? Too bad I didn't research first! Thanks for the replies and encouragement though!

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Non-climbing Clematis look lovely as grouncovers or planted next to shrubs. This can create an interesting visual effect: it looks like shrubs are blooming with Clematis flowers. And it gives you an opportunity to incorporate more Clematis into your garden!

Here is my non-climbing Pink Flamingo:

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'Harlow Carr' is a hybrid with integrifolia in its parentage. While integrifolias are not considered climbers, HC DOES climb to a certain extent and will need vertical support -- unless you intend to allow it to ramble through other plants. It just doesn't vine to attach itself to a support like other clems do so needs some assistance, as BorS indicates. Mine climbs and completely covers a small (~4') iron trellis - would be larger if I was using a larger support system :-) And it is also the heaviest blooming clematis I've ever grown.

I also second the deep planting instructions for ANY clematis, regardless of type.

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Oh good...I'm relieved. I'll let it stay where it is by the arbor and look forward to seeing blooms on this new type of clematis (at least for me!)

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Yes, I meant you would have to help it, to tie it. I should have said non clinger. Mine is barely alive in a pot as I haven't figured out where to put it.

I just caged Petite Faucon and Alionushka because they were too heavy on surrounding shrubs to allow to stay supported by them. They were smothering them. Gazelle and Juuli do very well supported on shrubs and wandering through beds.

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