New order of Clematis - Unknown...

Ibanez540rMay 3, 2012

I just ordered my 2nd and 3rd clematis from Debbie at Silver Star Vinery. My first was a Etoile Violette that I paired with a Don Juan climbing rose in the front yard. This will be it's 2nd year and is growing like mad. Anyway, just finished newly landscaping the backyard near my patio and had a place for two more. It has a blues/purples/pinks theme going on so I ordered a Barbera Harrington and asked Debbie's opinion on a purple between probably 5-6 that she offers. We came to the conclusion that she'll send me a surprise of her choice! Just checked the tracking number and they should be here tomorrow. Be exciting to see what I get...

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Julia NY(6)

I ordered from her last year, just Huldine, and I have to say she sends well established plant. I already had other clematis from Bluestone planted so only needed 1 more.BUT, if were to get more, I'd definitely go back to her site.

Let us know what you get.


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It was Jackmanii. Good combination for Barbara Harrington.

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