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fernsk(z2 Canada)May 23, 2006

Hi all

I'm in the process of redoing my back yard so am not able to start planting in the ground yet but want to do some tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers in containers. I thought that this forum would be the best to tell me what I can mix and match with each other. I will be using a 15 inch pot (height & diameter) for the tomato - a patio type bred for containers - it will reach 2 ft height maximum. I thought that basil would be good with it - just a couple of little plants (2-3) around the perimeter of the pot. Tomato and basil are a winning combination - correct? What could be added to cucumbers and peppers?



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I was thinking of planting some carrots in with my toms. Basil would be good though. Basil would also work with the peppers or how about some parsley. Radishes would go well with the cukes or maybe some lettuce.

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