Rangpur Lime vs Limequat?

calgardenergirl(z9 Sunset 16)March 14, 2011

I want to add a dwarf lime tree to my Improved Meyer lemon and Orange trees. Lime trees look a little finicky and thorny, and we do get occasional frosts. I have seen that there are other possibilities such as Rangpur lime and limequats which are easier to grow. Has anyone grown both and have a recommendation as to which is better?

I would use the limes primarily fresh for drinks and cooking (Not marmalade). Do they both really taste like lime?


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pgde(Tucson Zone 9)

You might find these links useful:

Rangpur Lime: http://users.kymp.net/citruspages/limes.html#rangpur

Limequat: http://users.kymp.net/citruspages/kumquats.html#limequat (note that there a number of varieties and this link starts at the first).

I have not had either so I can't give you a first hand taste test.


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I now have a limequat that is 4 years old and is doing very well. I have more limequats that I know what to do with them. It just keeps producing and producing. I have it in a large plastic pot I got from Costco. During this winter, I moved the pot to a covered porch and just lost a few flowers and now I see a bunch of new growth and tiny blooms. I am certain you will enjoy these wonderful trees.

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calgardenergirl(z9 Sunset 16)

Thanks for the help,and the links. I think I'm going to go with the limequat. Carino do you know what variety you have?

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