Dill companion planting?

purple1701(5B Chicago)May 1, 2013

First, an overview: My garden is a 4âÂÂx24â strip, running east and west, with a fence on the north face. I have 3 a-frames, each made from 2 pallets. The first one will have beans on one side, then tomatoes and peppers on the other. The middle one will have tomatoes and peppers on each side. The 3rd one will have tomatoes only on one side, and peas on the other. The 2nd and 3rd a-frames have lettuce planters made from rain gutters under them. The first a-frame has kohlrabi (in the ground) under it . The 3rd one has iceberg lettuce, kohlrabi and beets (in the ground) under it. The first 2 also have 3 potato plants each, but this is more experimental, I donâÂÂt expect them to do superbly well. I have a separate potato patch at the end of the first one, next to the beans at the west end. I already have marigolds, daisies, lavender, and some basil planted sporadically, as well as a perimeter of onions around the whole thing.

My companion questions are as follows: I have a ton of culinary herb seeds IâÂÂd like to try planting (dill, coriander, mustard and caraway). IâÂÂve read that dill in particular is good for root veggies, and so might be good by the kohlrabi and/or beets, but that it also attracts hornworms which would then find my tomatoes growing just over them.

Can someone weigh in on the potential validity of this and whether it may be an issue or not?

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purple1701(5B Chicago)

Here is a picture of the lettuce planters for reference.

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Hi Purple,
My book says, Dill is good companion to cabbage and grows well where beets have been harvested. Does not do well with carrots. Honey bees like dill blossoms.
My book is "Carrots Love Tomatoes"
Good Luck

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purple1701(5B Chicago)

But do they attract tomato hornworms? Would that be a potential issue considering the tomatoes will be growing over top of them?

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How did your planting work out? i had dill relatively close to my tomato plants this past summer. did have 2 tom horn worms, which i watched as they were pretty interesting. they didn't do too much damage, then one day they were covered with parasitic wasp eggs. a few days later they were dead - ah the cycle of life!!

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purple1701(5B Chicago)

None of my dill survived, I'm not sure what happened to it
But I had no problems with worms or pests of any kind, the only thing I had an issue with was some sort of rot towards the end of the season.

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