cucumbers and basil

fernsk(z2 Canada)May 16, 2007

Do cucumber and basil not like one another? I'm planning on putting tomatos, cucumbers, peppers and basil in the same area and somewhere/someone suggested that basil can inhibit the growth of cucumber. Is this correct? Thanks for the insight... Also is it not a good idea to combine tomato and cucumbers? Somewhere else I read that cucs like lots of moisture and tomatoes could get blossom end rot from too much moisture. HELP please - I have to quit reading stuff... it makes me ask too many questions


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Hi Fern, all my companion-planting books are rather ambiguous about cukes & basil being together - sorry! However, I can tell you that I've planted cukes with a whiskey barrel full of sweet basil less than 2' away and the cukes ("Diva") produced like gangbusters all season and were completely trouble-free.

Cucumbers & tomatoes can live happily together, but if you plant too closely harvesting can be a real pita.

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fernsk(z2 Canada)

Thanks - I will be putting a regular cucumber "sweet slicer" in a 3ft raised bed with a early girl bush tomato, 2 garden salsa peppers, a basil plant, some miniature heads of lettuce and a marigold. I guess if I plant the basil as far from the cucumber - which I'm planning to train up a trellis they should be okay - right?


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I think that'd be fine, and your tomato will love you for the basil!

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