Cucumbers and peppers??

kinxmaigh(z5-9)May 18, 2013

I'm glad this forum has a dedicated companion planting area. I am doing a biodynamic (as much as possible) victory garden for the first time after 4-5 years of haphazard careless planting that's yielded mixed results.

I want to put a row of cucumbers next to bell peppers. It's the best option for my small garden. But has anyone had success with that, or read that it should work? I've looked at many charts and there's no mention. On the other side of the cucumbers is Gai Lan, a Chinese broccoli...broccoli is said to be good w/ cukes. There'll be some marigolds around too, maybe some alfalfa to help fix nitrogen but not sure yet.

The soil is double-dug 24" or so deep, the row is ready (and the 5" tall peppers choking in plug packs are impatient :P), so I thank you for suggestions!

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Hi kinxmaigh in what i have researched, the best companion plants for peppers are tomatoes and ragweed or known as pig weed. for cucumbers nasturtiums work great i am doing that this year my self planting tomatoes by peppers, and cucumber, and squash by nasturtiums and petunia's those are great bee attractors and they are like plants to cucumbers and squash giving them a unique taste when planted near one another. If you would like to tune into my youtube channel TheItalian Garden, to see how this works for me this year you can. i will be doing weekly videos are the year progresses. Just as a teaching thing and a learning thing for me because i still don't know it all lol.

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