10 year old Josephine in trouble

ditasMay 27, 2011

Hi ~ Just like Ramona, she's suffering from yellow mottled leaves. All I did this early Spring was cleaned up her area better than before ~ other perennial neighbors were crowding the site ~ also pruned her ( not to the ground) scratched around her feet & dug up some wandering prairie plants. She probably prefers to leave her site alone ~ untidy. I didn't think I did anything to wake up the bugs!

Wonder what I should do to help her get better?

In the album the last 3 were from previous years ~ please click to make pix larger ~ thank you!

Here is a link that might be useful: Josephine sulking.

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kentstar(5b, NE Ohio)

Maybe you need to do a soil test? Maybe lacking something or an excess of another?

Mine is always sadly a slowwww grower but she looks a tiny bit better this year.

I would say do a soil test of the bed (but not when you've recently fertilized) and make sure that is not the issue.

Can you propogate her by layering? Maybe that way you could at least get another plant to take her place?


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Thank you K~s ~ I should probably do that ~ now that for the first time she is behaving in this manner. I did scratched in, some Osmocote around her feet as I did the others ~ should wait a bit then.

The only other time all 7 I have, except SAC, behaved poorly was when we had a boggy w/too much rain Jun one year~ followed by oppressive Jul ~ steamed cooked, almost but they survived! We've been getting seemingly incessant rains & intermittent cold days this Spring.

I've never tried layering/rooting except for Hydrangeas.
Thanks again!

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