onions from peas

chfarchtMay 2, 2009

Companion planting relationships are well documented. There are numerous planting relationships that are to be avoided. But I can find no discussion how far incompatible plants should be planted from eac other ie. how far should Onions be removed from Peas?

My vegetable garden space is very limited and I must plant densely.

Thank You

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I am surprised no one has answered this yet. Can anyone even venture a guess? 2 feet? 3 feet? 10 feet?

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Got to read up on that. What are the issues with onions and peas? I have the book Carrots Love Tomatoes ( which I just planted together and what got me here as I was wondering if it was Love or Hate ... I have to read it!) and saw this.
Sure 'nough, I planted onions and peas together and my guess is that 2-4 inches on all sides seems to work ;)

The peas, what are left after the squirrels dug them up and the rabbits gnawed them off, are close to 6 ft tall. These are Sugar Snap and Tall Telephone and this is the first year that I have ever gotten to taste a fresh pea and was truly blown away ... candy!

The onions need thinning and the beets to the right have to be planted a 3rd time thanks to the wabbits but today I hope to have closed down their buffet ;)

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