pictures of my indoor citrus

amberdimMarch 24, 2014
Here,s some of my trees overwinter indoors with the newest addition Kaffir lime. Please let me know if you have any questions

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garret_87(Zone 6)

NICE!!! What hardiness zone do you live in? Can you list all the citrus you grow?

How much direct sunlight do the trees get per day? How long do you leave grow lights on? What type bulbs?

I love the varigated pink lemon even tho its not the biggest. I really like what you have done!

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Thank you. I'm in Toronto. Whatever zone it is...Although I have a huge window not much light comes through so I keep the lights on all day long . I use day light bulb(Philips, 42w=150w)$18.00, I bought at Home depot and they also have a nice lamps which I use as grow lights. They sell them for about $25 or something...
So far I have 2 calamansi, 5 nagami and 1 meiwa kumquats, bearss lime, ponkan tangerine, meyer lemon, variegated pink lemon and my beloved kaffir lime..Hope it warms up soon so I can move them outside...

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garret_87(Zone 6)

I am south of you in Rochester, NY. I only have 1 Meyer lemon and it is doing great this winter. I also use a grow light on 12hrs a day.

Shocked to hear you live in Toronto with trees that look so good! I was expecting to hear Florida! Other than the lights, what is your secret?

How long have you been growing your trees?

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Lots of reading of anything citrus related...OCD ish approach to everything. Lots of bad words I can,t repeat here.I started with 1 ( variegated pink lemon) almost 3 yers ago.

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garret_87(Zone 6)

You made me laugh! Lots of bad words lol . . . I recalled the first lemon my tree grew - a squirrel stole it off the tree!

I want to get another citrus this summer, possibly a variegated pink lemon. How does that grow compared to a Meyer? Same? I read somewhere that Pinks do not fruit as much as Meyers. Have you noticed that?

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Same as Meyer to me...finicky. I love my kumquats and calamansi . They either fruit or bloom or both all the time

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

Okay, Amber, finally had a moment to pull up your photos. Your trees look outstanding. Your set up with the pebble trays is brilliant. Just really an excellent idea, and very well executed. You've done an outstanding job and your trees look extremely healthy. Very well done. Especially being as far north as you are in Toronto, adding all that extra full spectrum light is essential.

Patty S.

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Amber. Great job. How bad is the electric bill. Curious.
Thank you


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Patty, I wanted to show my new Kaffir lime as some asked to see it...and got carried away. Mike, electric bill is not cheap but to have tropics in the room...priceless. It is still - 21c outside tonite...
Thank you all for outstanding source of information and your guidance that I found on this website.

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