I just bought 2 more citrus trees!

andrew78(6)March 3, 2012

Yep, I finally made a decision and ordered 2 smaller sized trees from Four Winds. I bought 'Page' mandarin, and 'Variegated Pink Lemon'. I originally was going to order a diffrent madarin based on a reccomendation from Patty but Four Winds only had the larger sizes and I couldn't afford to buy it and the lemon.

I am very excited about both, from what I have heard from a few people I know, the Page is supposed to be a pretty good mandarin, and as far as the Variegated Pink lemon, I really like the foliage and the flowers. Fruits look pretty cool too!

I will keep you all posted when I get these little trees. I am VERY excited!


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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

The Page mandarin is a great mandarin, Andrew. I have one, and it was quite good. And of course the lovey Variegated Pink lemon is a very pretty tree, especially in a container. It's a "two for one" - nice fruit you can use, as well as lovely to look at :-)

Patty S.

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Thanks so much for your help Patty! Youe just one of those few rare people that people meet on these forums. You just seem so eager and willing to help anyone!

I'm very happy with what I ordered even though yet again, I have not been able to order my 'Minneola Tangelo'. I am bound and determined to get this tree, and so help me....I will have one before this summer comes to a close. LOL!

I will let you know how these arrived, and most importantly, how they grow and perform for me!

BTW...my 'Star Ruby' is 4ft 5 in. tall and about 3ft 6 in. wide. Right now it is loaded up with TONS of small clusters of flower buds.

Patty, I am SUPER excited with this tree, and knowing that in another week or so, I will have TONS of open flowers which will perfume my entire apartment!

This year I have set a few goals for my me and my citrus. At the top of the list....ROOTING MY OWN CUTTINGS! Weird. IT's just one of those things. I can remember over 15 years ago I could root my own Ponderosa lemon tree cuttings with no problem but since then, NOTHING, and what's really strange to me is that now I have my 600 watt HPS light!

I am going to try Dip N Grow this year.

One last thing, I don't remember if you told me that the 'Page' required heat to sweeten the fruits or not?

Thanks again,

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