blueberry companion plants

Junglej(zone 7 Oregon)May 29, 2005

I would like to identify some low-growing perennials which can be appropriately grown with blueberries.

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I'm thinking of growing some herbs under and beside the blueberry bushes I get. But what would grow well in the same type of soil?

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I realize this is an old post, but Sage and Thyme both like acid soil and could be planted with Blueberries. Kathy

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rosebush(z7 NC)

I've got some savory that's growing in a blueberry bed and going like gangbusters. Also had some short snapdragons "volunteer" in one of the beds. All seem to be doing well so I'll leave them alone. The day lilies I actually planted at the bb bed borders add a lot of color. They are far enough away from the bb bushes that they shouldn't compete.

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O.K., In case anyone is interested... I just put in a 2' by 6' raised bed with two blueberry bushes at either end and three Sage plants, two Thyme plants and two Strawberry plants scattered throughout. I think I may add some Nastursium seeds too, since there is plenty of room until the Blueberry bushes get bigger. I used Lots of peat moss along with sand and manure/humus compost. From what I've read, the herbs and Strawberries can handle the acid soil. Hopefully the Strawberries will take off and send out runners. I'll take a pic when things fill out a bit!

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Hi, I grew blueberry and strawberries together and had a bad year for both - maybe it's just my poor technique though, or the cold year we had - I like having the strawberries there - anyone else try this?

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Blueberries are adapted to cool, moist acid soil and sage, thyme are from the hot and dry conditions of the Mediterranean region and likely to prefer a higher pH and calcium content than blueberries can grow in.

Any low perennial growing well in the same soil conditions should have potential for be planted with blueberries. Like other heath family plants blueberries have fine, delicate sod-like roots quite unsuited for digging among, so companion plants should be installed outside the reach of their roots.

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