Do you know what this flower is?

StanOgdenJuly 9, 2013

Hi, does anyone know what this plant is? It is growing on top of my garden wall. I think it looks similar to a fuschia. Most of its leaves are dark burgundy colour and the main stem is so dark that it appears almost black.
I've taken a cutting and am hoping that it begins to root!
Many thanks,

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Possibly Leycesteria formosa or Himalayan Honeysuckle.

Its not a real honeysuckle. There are few colorful cultivars out there. I have the more yellow leaved form. The berries are supposed to be edible.

I think they prefer cooler climates but my current one is doing okay. I grew a bunch of them from seed years ago and they all eventually died, but they lived for years.

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Thanks! Yes it does indeed look like Himalayan Honeysuckle (I just did a googled it).

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