lilacs_of_mayMay 27, 2007

I just planted my potatoes in my raised bed today. Is there anything good to interplant with potatoes?

Also, are garlic and potatoes good together? I just found out that I have a couple of volunteer potato plants in my garlic patch. They don't seem to be bothering the garlic, so I didn't pull them.

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francis_eric(5 Illinois)

You could look, at the post I recently Made
34 pages of companions
Horse radish is on it(Colorado potato bugs) another way to search the long list since it is long is.

You Can Hold the control button(Ctrl), and press F,
that Should bring up a Find Box, to look for key words In a post --- like mint.(or do it with ctrl c after highlighting, and paste for ctrl and v to copy documentation)

CORIANDER:(a spray from maybe grown near I don't have time right now TO ASK, BUT I think it implies it)
Flax grown near Plant with carrots, and potatoes. Flax contains tannin and
linseed oils which may offend the Colorado potato bug. Flax is an
annual from 1-4 feet tall with blue or white flowers that readily
self sows.

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