How far apart should my tomato plants be from corn?

kurango(10a sunset 22)May 7, 2011

In the book "Carrots Love Tomatoes" it says (under tomato) "Don't plant tomatoes near corn because the tomato fruitworn is identical with the corn earworm."

My question is . . .

1. How far apart should they be? A few feet? Several yards? Not in the same yard? Next county over?

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Never heard of this issue. I have grown corn several times in NC and I always grow tomato's. They are always next to each other without problems. Well, not that problem. Plenty of japanese beetles on the silks, some horned worms on tomatos.

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I just read that tomatoes and corn should be at least 20 feet apart. I'm moving the tomatoes I planted a week ago into another bed. The last time I planted corn it was in the same bed as some tomatoes. The corn was awful and the tomatoes there were not nearly as good as the other tomatoes I planted in other beds that year. There could be other reasons for this, but jic, I'm moving the plants before they get any bigger. I don't want to create any needless obstacles to my garden!

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2 years ago I planted my tomatoes way to close to the corn, like less than 4 feet apart. Just about every ear of corn had an ear worm in it. Last year I had my tomatoes on the opposite side of the garden and my corn was fine. Maybe it was the tomatoes being to close that attracted the corn ear worms or maybe it was just a bad year for them.

My tomatoes did really bad where I planted them though so I'll either have to make my garden bigger or plant the tomatoes a little closer to the corn this year.

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