'patty's plum'

bellarosa(z5/IL)May 29, 2003

I've never grown oriental poppies and I saw a picture of "Patty's Plum", which is a dark burgundy color and so I bought a few of them - around 3. Now, I'm wondering what would be some good companions for it. So far, I was thinking of pink peonies, white Siberian irises and purple catmint. Any other suggestions? Also, should I place the poppies in the back? How big do they get? Any ideas would be appreciate! Thanks!

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I would put something silver behind them, like an artemesia, to show off the blooms--I use this with my pink poppies, and it's very pretty. I think the peonies are a great idea, too, maybe the Siberian Irises would help keep them from being so floppy? I like pink catmint, too.



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Thanks so much for the suggestion. I'll have to try artemesia and pink catmint - I've never grown either.

Happy gardening!

:) Bellarosa

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