do I need to pull my pole beans

laura_sue(4 MN)June 5, 2003

I am a new veggie gardener, this is my first year with anything other than tomatos and peppers.

I didn't know about good vs. bad companions until I started to read this forum.

I have some pole beans next to a row of tommatos. Do I need to pull them out. I'll sacrafice them if it means that my tomatos may be hurt by them being there. Or can I make up for what ever they do to each other by extra feeding?

Some of the post say pole beans are bad, bush beans are good. Why the differance?

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organicdan(z5b Nova Scotia)

How far apart are the plantings?

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laura_sue(4 MN)

about 30 inches

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laura_sue(4 MN)

Bumping this to the top. Hoping to get an answere.

Any info. is appriciated.

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WestEnder(z7 Atlanta GA)

I'm new at vegetable gardening, too, but can tell you that I have tomato plants growing right next to pole lima beans and haven't noticed any deleterious affect on the tomatoes at all. Everything I have is growing in large pots, and in several places the pole beans are even growing on the same frames as the tomatoes (they are all spreading more than I anticipated). I've got tomato bushes loaded with tomatoes, just starting to ripen, and the bean vines are also loaded with flowers and baby beans. Also, I've noticed very few bugs of any kind (except pollinators) on either the tomatoes or the beans. I did, however, also plant carrots in the same pots with the beans because I read that carrots would repel bean bugs. What's supposed to be the problem with having tomatoes and pole beans next to each other?

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I thought we answered this one already? What happened to the thread on this? Did it just disappear?

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laura_sue(4 MN)

When I didn't get any answer on this forum I posted a link to this thread on the vegitable forum.
You were kind enough to post an answer over there.

Although no one has given me any reason why the tomatos and pole beans would not work together. I did see it refered to negativly on a few threads over here, which is what prompted the question.

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Gotcha. Thanks for clearing that up for me, chica. I thought I was going a little loony for a minute! LOLOL!!!!

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