Trader Joe's Newbies and cuttings

suivezmoi(8)August 14, 2014

Couldn't resist these. Any id's would be awesome :)

These are some random babies that fell off my plants and I threw them in these pots. I have been ignoring them and It looks like they are trying to grow, what do I do with them now? I may have watered them once in 2-3 weeks. Should I leave them in place, or repot them. Some of them are in terrible soil, I just literally threw them in random pots.

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and yes I know the giant one is lavender :P

It has to live outside because the cat wants to eat it.

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Left one is - hope I am right - aloe variegata (a.k.a. pheasant breast or tiger aloe). I see it has pup.

One on the right I don't know - looks like gasteria? Unless someone ID it, post a clos-up photo pls.

I usually let the leaf-babies grow bigger before putting in own pots-yours are growing well. You will have lots of new plants.

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Here in the UK I would ID the first pic left hand plant as a Partridge Breasted Aloe/Aloe variegata but 'pheasant' may well be correct in the US however! As for the others...well I have no clue...sorry!

Gill UK

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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

Rina & Gill are correct: Aloe variegata (Common name we use is Patridge Breast Aleo) & a Gasteria.

Lavender is nice too!

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