Two new plantings ??? ..

Ibanez540rMay 16, 2012

I received my second and third clematis from Silver Star Vinery about 2 weeks ago and immediately put them in the ground (Jackmanii & Barbara Harrington). The were still somewhat damp and looked just like the original I ordered from her a year ago. No shipping or packaging problems. They were pruned down as normal but still had some green growth.

Anyway I dug each a hole plenty wide (2-3x) and a little deep. Supplemented my clay soil - 50% original with 25% planting soil and 25% humus/composted manure mix. Planted them each at a 45 degree angle and about 2-3in under the surface. Recovered with 2-3 in. of mulch.

When I did the same procedure last year I swear I already had new shoots coming out of the ground? Am I just psyching myself out? Just worried they aren't going to make it. When should I see some action popping out?

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Your mulch might be a problem. It is difficult for tender new shoots to grow through mulch. I only mulch my plants when new growth is already up. And I try to put mulch so it does not touch shoots - they might rot.

Otherwise, do not worry :) Sometimes, newly planted Clematis sit for a while before starting to grow. If you have a good drainage and do not have critters that can eat roots, your Clematis will grow and bloom for you soon!

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Thanks! I kind of second guessed the mulch as I was typing that post. After reading yours I went out there and pulled it back from the clems.

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So Jackmanii finally decided to pop out, still waiting on Barbara Harrington.

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