Arctic Queen seedlings pics

grow_darnitMay 9, 2009

Two years ago I collected seeds from my Arctic Queen to grow indoors. I had way too many, so I used a half of them and then burried the rest of the seeds under the mulch here and there. To my amazement the following spring I discovered a mat of seedlings by my Irises. We remodelled our house last summer and had to move out for the whole summer, the seedlings were too young to move and I didn't expect to see them when we came back. Well, I was wrong! And now I see more of them all over the flowerbed where I scattered them! I guess sometimes the easy way is the best way.

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How exciting!

The parentage of Arctic Queen is unknown. It will be interesting to see what the blooms look like. Try to save as many seedlings as you can, wait for them to bloom, then pick the best plants. And don't forget to post photos :)

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