Perennial companions for tulips/daffodils

kim0201June 28, 2009

Currently I have hundreds of tulips/daffodils spread throughout the beds in my yard & I'm always complaining about the messy look after they bloom while I'm waiting for the foliage to die back.

I'm thinking about putting in a long bed where I currently have just grass; it's located where we'll see it nicely from the family room at just the time when we think winter will never end.

I know I will have the same 'complaints' in a new bed unless I plan on good companion plantings. The bed is approx 32' long, in full sun, & has loamy soil (of course w/ a new bed I'll be adding amendments too).

I'm considering peonies, daylilies, & your suggestions as possible companions in order to prolong color throughout the season & add other lasting foliage to minimize the dying tulip/daffodil foliage.

Do you think I'm on the right track? Would you consider something in addition or totally different?

Thank you.

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I thought I had really searched THS for my answer before I posted this question.... But alas, after posting I found a forum where this was discussed - didn't want to waste any further time for someone.


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