Kishu Mandarin advice

LindsayConradMarch 15, 2014

Hello everyone,
I just ordered 2 Kishu Mandarin trees and I will be growing them in pots indoors. I have done alot of research on them and I know what medium to use, fertilization, and maintenance but there seems to be quite some debate as to how tall they will grow. I have 8ft ceilings so they will have some room but I was wondering if anyone knows how tall they typically grow. Is there ways for me to keep them from getting to big? I know if I keep them in a little bit smaller pots they wont get as big but is this okay for them? or will they eventually get root bound and die? What if I train the leader(s) to grow to the sides? Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as these will be my first citrus trees. Thank you!

(Soooo excited!)

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gregbradley(Upland, CA USDA 9b Sunset 19)

Mandarin trees tend to be smaller than orange trees. Kishu seems to be one of the smallest Mandarin trees. Keeping citrus in containers limits the size of the tree.

Most citrus are grown on Rootstocks that keep them smaller than the full size Standards of old orange groves. Dwarfing or Semi-Dwarfing Rootstocks are much more common in nurseries than Standard Rootstocks. This may be of little importance in a plant grown in a container since the container will likely limit the size of the tree more than the Rootstock.

Is it a Dwarf or a Standard? Is it trimmed like a bush or like a tree? A Standard is normally trimmed with a straight trunk up to about 22" before the first branches.

I think you would have to work hard to get a Kishu that big indoors.

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

The Seedless Kishu is a vigorous but compact mandarin tree. Growing them in containers will help to keep growth down, you would have YEARS to go, to worry about them getting taller than 8', lol! Mine has been in the ground for 3 years, now, and is probably maybe 4' at the tallest on semi-dwarfing rootstock. If you ordered your trees from Four Winds Growers, I suspect they are on Cuban Shaddock, so they will be even smaller. Don't skimp on your pot size. Root pruning down the road will help to contain size, allow the canopy to develop, and see how it grows. They tend to be rather bush-like naturally, so I think you'll be just fine :-)

Patty S.

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Here is a current picture of my potted Kishu mandarin. That tree is about 5 feet tall now and has been potted a little over a year now. It really hasn't gotten much taller since I purchased it but it has gotten fuller and wider. They don't grow all that fast either so I think it would be easy to manage. Keep in mind that it will be very heavy depending on how large of a pot you use. I love that plant caddy you see in the picture, found it on amazon, heavy duty thick plastic and metal casters.

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