What is happening to my succulents?

candhlAugust 6, 2014

Hi everyone!

A couple of my succulents have become wrinkly and their leaves fall off pretty easily. I'm fast becoming very worried :(

Am I watering too much? Too little? Too much sun or too little sun?

Please help!

Thank you!

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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

It certainly isn't lack of sunlight as your plant is etiolated, i.e., elongated stretching for more light. The problem could be too much water and rotted roots so the plant can't take up water and the leaves appear dehydrated or you're not watering enough resulting in their appearance. Take a look at the roots. if they are good to go, then increase watering. Once recovered, I would consider whacking it in the middle and this might improve its appearance.

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The leaves are showing a lack of water, but as noted above, overwatering can damage roots, preventing them from taking in water. This causes the appearance of "not enough water", thus prompting many to water more, worsening the problem. The most common cause for this is poorly drained soil, such as peat moss based bagged soils, like Miracle Grow, etc.

PS: I believe the poster above meant to say it's not too MUCH sunlight, because your plant is etiolated. It looks to be lacking sun.


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I saw a sedum at a home improvement store yesterday that looked exactly the same, except some of its leaves were scarred from becoming so turgid they split like fat grapes, which proved in that case that it was over watered. That's my bet, but as others have said, you should check the roots before assuming.

I'm pretty sure your plant is a Sedum. It might be helpful to know they are a summer-dormant genus, and need much less water during that time.

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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

Thanks, Joe. Yes, I meant to say the plant is NOT getting enough sunlight....


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Thank you you all for your advice.. I will be observing it for awhile if it reacts to more water, and have been putting the plant outside for more sunlight.

I'm living in a tropical climate with temperatures hovering 28 - 30 degrees celcius and moderate to high humidity. Not sure how those factors may have an effect on the plants.

Have checked the roots but I can't tell if the roots have rotted (maybe not obvious enough). Hopefully its not a root problem, I don't see how it can come back to life if thats the case.

Thanks again!

Thanks again!

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a_shau(San Francisco 8b)

How often were you watering it before the leaves became like this?

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