Amaryllis ?

blueangel(7b)July 14, 2008

Will Amaryllis survive

outside in the ground here

in Charlotte.



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rosebush(z7 NC)

I've heard that if they're in a sunny spot and you mulch them they might. Don't think they like to stay wet though. I keep mine in pots and bring them into the laundry room for the winter, then set them out when it gets warm again. I did plant one in the perennial bed recently and will see if it comes back next spring. I may put some rocks around it to absorb heat on sunny days during the winter.

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gnomey(7b SC zip296)

I'm in Pendleton, SC (next to Clemson) and we leave ours in the ground.

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Dibbit(z7b SC)

I grant she has them in a sheltered sunny spot, and her new boxer pup liked to pull them up, but a friend in Tryon, NC, overwinters several, which flower beautifully for her. I have 3-4 in the ground, which come back, but it's a bit too windy for them, so I get no flowers - I have to move them.

In a sheltered spot, and well mulched, they should be OK.

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gnomey(7b SC zip296)

Can you leave Dahlias in the ground where you are? We leave dahlias in the ground here too.. I am in zone 7b. Neither the dahlias or the amaryllis get a nice winter mulch like they should either.

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I planted Amaryllis in pots and Dahlias in the ground last year and both came back this year.

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I too have an amaryllis that came back from last year (before I even bought the property) and I pplanted several more this year. I also received recently a pot full of old dahlia root sections that looked like dried up old prunes. I sprinkled them with more water and piled them up in the pot on top of each other, now I have 5-6 pieces that have begun to grow roots and sprouts of green on the opposite ends of the sections. So I;'ll be getting those in the ground soon so they can root and winter, maybe next year I'll have actual plants and blooms!


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gnomey(7b SC zip296)

Lyle, use tomato plant food on your dahlias and keep them watered but not soggy, and you'll likely have blooms before frost. They grow pretty quickly.

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Gnomey- I'll try that thanks for that tip! That would be a nice little treat if they bloomed before frost gets here.

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BlueAngel - I am over in Johnston County SE of Raleigh and my amaryllis are fine in the ground - I have them in 5 different garden locations, different conditions and they have multiplied for me. Dahlias are no problem and Gerbera daisies are perennial for me also. We may be a little warmer than you seeing that you are closer to the mountains.....


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aisgecko(7b Raleigh)

I do believe that it depends on the variety. I have some red amaryllis that come back every year, but some of the more exotic looking ones I have gotten to force inside have not returned when I left them over the winter.
I can't seem to grow dahlias here. They must need a lot of sun or they just don't like my dirt. Or it may be all the tree root competition. Whatever it is they live a year or two and put off maybe 2 blooms.

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the dahlias I have were planted in amended soils so your soil may indeed play a part in why they wont return the following year. We do have alot of clay in the area, especially if the home is newer because they are usually built on packed clay lots.

Fortunately I have good natural dirt with many years of leaf and grass enrichment. The dahlias I rescued and planted are zooming right now, and with a cover of mulch for the winter I think they will be just fine.

I dont water in the fall and winter, just naturally from rains or melting snow/ice.

PS...any natural soil I have to do amend slightly....I put in a few bags of Pete's Plant Pleaser...stuff is GREAT! it will carry a slight manure odor for awhile until it's watered in thoroughly.


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