prickly pear cactus thorns

dirtaddshpAugust 1, 2007

do they have some kind of chemical on the tips? everytime i get poked by them, i get a welt where the needle was or it my skin looks really irrated.

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sometimes there are very fine glochoids left behind, if that is the case, use duct tape to remove them. Other times, the larger spines will poke me and make a deep, round, needle punture that when removed has serrations. Not to mention the cleanliness of the spines. There very well maybe something extra added in, but this alone is enough for me. I have a cylindropuntia that when you get poked, the only way you know is a week later, you get small welts. Once this happens you know where they are so you may remove them with duct tape.

aren't cacti fun?

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

On a geek forum where there is a lot of chatter and very little reliable information someone suggested using SuperGlue for removing glochoids (Some say glochids or glochidia) and other tiny things.

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sorry, I cant spell to save my life.

SuperGlue, interesting, might have to try that next?

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I think it depends on how sensitive your skin is. If I get pricked, I get itchy and blotchy. Nothing happens to husband however.

For removing those pesky glochoids that I can't see or can't tweeze, I use wax strips. They are sold to remove unsightly hair for women, but they work great for the pricklies! Just press it on and they come right up. But, if you have hair in that area, beware.

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for the most part i wash them out with soap, it may hurt a little. But no pain no game.

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I am a snow bird here for my third winter in lovely Arizona well needless to say my catus garden was a little over run so I decides to spruce it up. I got into the prickly pear thorns not the big ones you can pull out the other ones you can feel but not see a week has gone buy and I am still covered in welts arms legs and feet is there any thing I can do? How long will this last? Help needed

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Duct tape can usually pull out the tiny little spines (called glochids) but since you are already welted, that may really irritate things even more. Another thing to try is soaking the afflicted areas in epsom-salt water, which will often "release" the glochids. Lastly, applying a topical antihistamine, like Cortisone, can sometimes help with the welting...

As for the duration, I really can't say. I've had them last as long as a week, but I make a big effort to pull them out with duct tape the moment I discover I've been stuck. The ones that lasted a week were too deep to be pulled with the tape, and had to come out all on their own.

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dufflebag2002(Calif. 91607)

I am allergic to all cactus spines, I think the Indians used rough lava rock to rub on and get them out, Hot shower, then rub brickly with a towel, or use oil on the place there they landed and rub. I tweeze. I swell up rather rapidly. They burn, itch, swell, turn purple, but they will work them selves out usually in three days, they dry up. I just don't what else to tell you. You had a lot of good advise from the people before me. Good luck and stay away from them. I just don't grow any cactus where they can get me. Use a disinfective daily until they are gone. Norma

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