strawberries as a groundcover in potted fruit trees/bushes/vines?

lawanddisorder(6)June 6, 2013

Is it a good idea to use strawberries as a groundcover in potted fruit trees/bushes/vines?

I have about 25 potted fruit plants in my backyard, and among other annoying things that squirrels do, they dig fairly big holes in the potting soil.

I figured strawberries would work and provide even additional edibles. Is there a better groundcover I should use?

Or, is using any groundcover with a potted fruit tree/bush stupid because the roots will have to compete with each other?

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Hi there,
I think in general it could work. Containers shouldn't be too small anyway, and as long as you feed them properly it should be fine.
I did a planting design for an old peoples home. For a roof terrace they asked for containers with permanent plants ( not annuals but shrubs n perennials). Among others I chose dwarf apple trees and combined those with cultivars of woodland strawberries, the type without runners (Fragaria vesca semperflorens?).
After season one the apple trees show decent sized foliage.

So go for it, the berries taste great,
Bye, Lin

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If anyone is interested, I went through with underplanting a bunch of potted fruit trees and bushes with strawberries. I put a couple strawberry plants around the perimeter of each pot. The ones with the trees are doing great, but the ones with brambles are not doing as well, and the ones with blueberries and currants are okay for now, but within another year or two, the bushes will overcrowd the strawberries. And none of the trees or bushes seem affected by the strawberries at all.

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