Almost everything is potted, finally!!!

suivezmoi(8)August 1, 2014

Repotted some of my newbies.

I painted this pot myself, which is why it looks so terrible :p

Saw this sad lithop and am trying one more time with a split stone. I am ignoring them totally, so I hopefully won't kill them!

I do like my trios

i LOVE this plant. I just bought a big hanging one from central market the other day. Hopefully I can keep this one alive. Switched another plant out of this planter

Pretty proud of this one:

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Awesome! Nice plants, cute pots, and neat arrangements! So jealous of the space you have, hopefully one day I can make so many dish bowls too. And I hope you Lithops can make it too, seems like it's spitting out a flower bud? Or is it new head?

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deva33 Z5 SE Iowa

All of them are beautiful! I especially love the arrangement of the last one. Is there enough room for them to grow in there?

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I think that might be a new head. I have never had a lithops, but it was the last one at home depot (of course I only went in for potting mix stuff) so I decided to save it.

I hope there is enough room. I have seen a few arrangements that look similar, at least with amount of plants. Though, that doesnt mean they are arranged for longevity. If any of them start to look unhappy I might give them their own space.

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Exciting! My Lithops are all kinda stalled right now.. hopefully some of them will start to produce flower soon.

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