Few questions about Meyer Lemon tree

nkesh099(6)March 14, 2010

Hello to everyone:

I would like to buy a improved Meyer Lemon tree and keep it in a terra cotta pot (14 inch or larger). Unfortunately, I have to order it online, does anyone have any recommendation for good nurseries that carry mayer Lemon tree? If so, please list their name.

Also, what type of soil should I use when I repot them? I mix 3 part Pine bark fines, 2 parts Perlite, 1 part Sp. Peat moss and garden Lime for my fig trees which I keep them in large containers. Would that mixture (without the Lime) work for the any citrus tree? If NOT please tell me what my soil should consist of.

Also, what type of fertilizers should I use for my Mayer Lemon tree in pot?

How acidic should the soil be?

Should I add Coffee grounds to the soil?

Thank you all for the help.

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I know you can buy 2 diffrent sizes thru Logees but they are a bit on the high side as far as price goes. I was going to go thru meyerlemontree.com but they also were very expensive(to me!). They want around $80.00 for a 3-4ft tree plus shipping. I would recommend Four Winds citrus. Meyer Mike goes thru them and I have seen pics of the trees they sell. They are more reasonable and they sell very nice plants. You can also pic how old of a tree you want, a 1 year or 2-3 year I believe. They are out of California I believe. I would check with Mike about the soil. He uses Al's gritty mix. If you enter that into the search engine you will find the ingriedents for the mix. Good luck with finding your tree. I love this tree. I just bought a 6 footer from a local nursery. I paid a lot for it but it was worth it. Check out the Calling all meyer lemon experts post and you will get a lot of info and get to see my meyer.

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Hi Nkesh,

Andrew gave you great advice and thank you..:-)

Have you seen his tree?

I get mine at 4Winds..I usually buy the 2-3 year olds..They are of good size and very high quality..

I personally wouldn't add anything to any of my soils that would clog up air space or pores in my soils that would allow the roots to breath freely and the soil to dry out evenly, especially coffee grinds..Never had a good experience with these except for the first few weeks of applying them, then my plants would go down hill from there..

The soilless mix you are thinking of making sounds ok, but it all depends on your cultural habits, and the enviroment they will be subjected too..
Remember, different soil for different folks, and plants mind you...:-)

As for fertilizer...Many also have success with different types..I happen to use Foliage Pro..That is the only thing mine need plus vinegar at waterings..

Mine do well with a Ph below 7...No lower than 5.5...:-). They might be able to take lower, not sure of that. Maybe someone can tell us about PH and the most favorable number range for our trees...


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Thank you very much for the reply. I did look up the Fourwind nursery's website and their trees. I would like to get a 2-3 yrs old tree form them, but I didn't know if the tree would produce any lemons or not. Do you know how old the Meyer Lemon tree should be to produce any lemons?


I have not find any pics of Andrew's or you're trees at all. Do have any pics up? Does the trees you buy from fourwind produce fruits the same year?
For fertilizer you said; to add Foliage Pro, is that all you use? Would it be a good idea to use azalea fertilizer for Meyer Lemon tree?
Why do you add vinegar to the water? I know vinegar is acidic, are you trying to make the soil acidic? and how much should I add?
For soil, Im going to make my own mix which consist of; 3 parts pine barks fine, 2 parts Perlite and 1-2 part Peat moss do you think that is a good mix for the soil?

Thank you for your help


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