Corn with tomatoes

gardningscomplicated(southeast michigan - 5b or 6?)July 24, 2009

I have some extra tomato plants I want to find space for, and the most convenient space is next to my sweet corn. I have 4 rows of sweet corn (with squash and beans) growing at one end of my garden, and 4 rows of tomatoes at the other, with a row in between to separate the two. So my corn and tomatoes are separated by about 8 feet. I know I'm not supposed to plant corn near tomatoes cuz the same worm attacks both--unless I want the corn to be a trap crop, which I don't--but I'm wondering if 8 feet is far enough to make any difference anyway. Should I just go ahead and plant my extra tomatoes near the corn? Does the 8 foot separation make any difference? Would I be better off sticking the extra tomatoes in with the other tomatoes, overcrowding them a bit? Would a few interplanted tomatoes significantly raise the risk of attracting the worms to my sweet corn? Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks for any advice.

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Try some large containers for the tomatoes.

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I've always tried to stick to the 20 foot rule: never plant the two crops closer that 20 foot apart. I'd have to agree with putting the tomatoes in containers myself. Good luck.

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