Tomatoes, Squash, Cukes and Peppers

robcobbinsJuly 23, 2006

Noticed this year, that for my small organic vegetable

garden, it seems the tomato plants didn't mind squash, the

pepper plants didn't like squash, and the tomatoes didn't

like cukes while the peppers didn't seem to mind. Any

similar experiences here, or directions to a companion

plant reference site that is very specific?

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My gosh, Robcobbins, you've had this request for info here in the GardenWeb companion forum for a long time! I just drifted over from veggies and such because of the ??? on the forum list.

We grow lettuce and onions throughout the vegetable garden - almost, wherever there's room, in go L & O as transplants and sets. The larger plants (esp. vines) can kind of overwhelm smaller so your experience with some of those is educational.

Below is linked a Cooperative Extension site for companion plants which informs a little on "allies and enemies" as well as those kind of tolerant relationships we think of as companions.


Here is a link that might be useful: Companion Planting

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