not sure if my Meyer lemon fruit is growing

fovletMarch 13, 2014

I have a Meyer lemon tree in a pot, planted in the spring of 2012. The first year we had it, about 15 lemons matured and ripened in December/January.

Last year, a lot of fruit (way more than the first year) started to grow in the fall. We had a few very cold nights in December (~30 degrees) and I didn't cover it with a blanket. I feel like nothing has happened with the fruit since then. The tree is still full of small green lemons and it's impossible for me to tell if it's growing, or if there's more fruit than there used to be, or if it's just stagnant. The tree looks healthy and the fruit isn't rotten or anything, just small and green. A lot of my neighbors' Meyer lemon trees have ripe fruit right now.

We're starting to get warm days (hot actually, in the 70s this week!) and I'm wondering if I should leave the fruit that's on there, or cut it off? I understand that Meyer lemons can take a long time to ripen but I'm curious if the cold weather could have sent the lemons into hibernation of some sort... and if so, would that prevent new fruit from growing?

I've seen a few new blooms in the past couple of weeks and that's what got me thinking about this. If I cut off all the fruit now, at least I'd know that whatever appears on the tree next is new and was not on the tree during the cold weather. But I'd hate to cut off all those lemons if there's still a possibility they'll mature.

Any advice? Thanks!

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The fruits you have now will likely mature about June. Have a little patience. The new blooms will mature in Nov/Dec... assuming they set fruit. The Meyer has 2 crops per year, the biggest being Nov/Dec.

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Thanks for the reassurance!

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