Reseeding Clematis?

opheliathornvt zone 5May 8, 2013

I have 3 volunteer seedlings growing in one of my garden beds! I've been growing clematis for over 20 years and this is the first time this has happened. Sometimes a vine will pop up where I don't expect it, but in the past, I've always remembered that at some point, I planted a clem there that "died". From the locations of these 3, I know that's not the case here. I do have a sweet autumn clematis, but in 20 years, I haven't seen a seedling from it, and the leaves of these three are different from that one anyway. In the bed where these have appeared I grow Rhapsody, Eyre's Gift, and Henryii. I was also growing a Petite Faucon, but it hasn't come back this year, and I'm wondering whether these seedlings could be from that. Anyone have experience with any of these reseeding?

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

I have Petite Faucon and it has never seeded.

Actually none of my Clematis have ever produced a seedling. I have had vines buried by mulch root...but no seedings or suckering away from the vine

I do not grow SAC

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opheliathornvt zone 5

I just found another two seedlings. I guess I'll have to wait until one of them blooms, but that makes 5 volunteers in one bed! My money was on Petite Faucon, but now I'm wondering whether it could by Eyre's Gift, which seems to be one that not a lot of people grow, except that I'm not sure it bloomed last year, since it is so new. Oh well, it's one of the things I like about gardening -it seems like you're always learning something.

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Congratulations on your new babies!
New seedlings are always so exciting. Hope you can figure out who the parent is - sometimes they look similar, but sometimes so very different you'll be guessing for years to come, which makes it even more exciting, I think. I have at least a couple dozen of seedlings sprouting every year, but from your list I only grow Rhapsody and that one never made seeds for me (I should probably move it to a better spot). Good luck with your little ones! And do post pictures when they decide to bloom - it's always fun to see the new faces.

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opheliathornvt zone 5

I'll definitely post photos when they bloom and we'll see what I've got!

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vignewood(z6 CT)

I have had clematis reseed.

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bloomorelse(Z4b NB Canada)

I've grown clematis for over 20 years and only in the last 4 or 5 years have I seen any reseed in the garden. I grow Rhapsody, and have collected seed that I germinated inside and when it grew up, loved the flowers. Not at all what I was expecting. Here is the seedling.

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opheliathornvt zone 5

Well, that occurred to me later - that what I have won't necessarily look like its parent, so I may never know where they all came from. I do grow Rhapsody in that bed. She's one of my all-time favorites for color, but your seedling sure doesn't look like her! It is a beauty, though.
It's interesting that we've both grown clems for such a long time without reseeding, and only recently started to see it. It makes me suspicious that it is Rhapsody that's doing it. Thanks for posting.

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Have reseeded clematis seedlings for the first time in the the 20+ years I have grown clems. Do I dig and pot them up or leave them in the garden to grow? Most are small but one is a foot tall with 2 vines.

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opheliathornvt zone 5

I'm leaving mine where they are until they bloom and I can see what they look like. If they're nice, I'll probably move them, and if I don't like them, I'll probably weed them out. I think it will be easier to deal with them in place, but if you want to dig them out and pot them up, more power to you! Let us know how it turns out.

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I'd leave them for now. You never know what else is sprouting around them. Clematis is known for very sporadic germination, you will kill any other seedlings that might be coming up. Besides, one year old vines will be much easier to move next year. Congratulations on your seedlings! Hope they are pretty.

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

I have one NOID seedling growing in my perennial bed probably from Recta. This is my first self-sown seedling. There are two that look like seedlings but are growing from roots that were left behind when two clematis, both Huldine, were moved. One I will trellis and the other two must be moved but will wait until fall for them to develop a larger root system.

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bcollingwood(Manchester UK)

Really interesting thread, be lovely to see any new flowers in due course if some pics get posted!! It's really exciting when they start producing flower buds, every time, you never know what you are going to get!!

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