ficus and philodendron

ubiquityAugust 16, 2002

...any warnings/advice,..etc...???

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

For indoors? Which Ficus?

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yep!...well,..actually they'll be outside for spring and summer...the ficus is a benjamina.why?..whatcha know?

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

If it was F. nitida I would warn about thrips. F. benjamina can be attacked by mealybug. Take an alcohol dipped q-tip to them. It should be very happy outside for summer. May drop a lot of leaves when moved inside. Both will do best indoors with a good light source.

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thanks iris gal,but so far pests aren't my problem...**knocks wood**
...i suppose what i'm after here is advice on what to expect from the two of them in the same container...would there be a struggle for supremacy or am i overreacting?
lord knows philos climb figs in the rainforrests everyday naturally enough,right?

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

How big is your container???!!!

I'm thinking the benjamina may be unhappy - out of doors it's planted in the sun. Philodenrons will tolerate more shaded conditions and if it has big leaves may shade the Ficus too much.

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Hi,thank-you for any HELP. This is my problem, I have an indoor philodendron thats about 10 feet long, I have 5 bambo stakes holding it in a 24in pot.My ? is how can I make this climb better and should i transplant it? It's taking over the pot and my house.HELP I love it!!P.S. the bambo stakes are roting.

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hey all,..sorry so late.
forgot this thread existed!

...iris gal,..the container is an eighteen inch or so,a nice deep bucket of a pot. the phil is actually a monstera deliciosa(not really a philodendron,but a vining aroid all the same). they were potted together at the end of the summer last year,and though i've lost a fair number of my larger leaves and the silly thing getting a bit leggy on me over the winter(i couldn't give it as much light as i'd have liked),i am highly pleased with the results of the vine. as for my benjamina,it's never looked better. i'm under the impression that as the monstera grows heavier,the ficus will build up the girth necessary to keep it up.
so far so good!

terror,..if you're considering training your phil to a ficus or other tropical tree,i'd say go ahead and do it. i'm thrilled with the results.

fact is i'm begining to think of ALL of my taller trees as supports for my epiphytes and vines.

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