Upstate SC Plant and Seed Swap Date

transplanted2scin07(7b upstate SC)July 12, 2008

The Upstate SC plant and seed swap will be September 20th (2008). Anyone interested who has not already given me their email address needs to contact me via this website.


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Dibbit(z7b SC)

Thanks for organizing it, Sandi. I think I already gave you my e-mail address; if not, please let me know. Dibbit

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gnomey(7b SC zip296)

Who is coming? I'm excited. Erin and I will come together, we live in the same town (right around the corner from each other actually) and just met through GW! Erin had the idea that maybe we could start a thread for those of us who will be there and check out each other's lists and stuff and maybe even set up some trades ahead of time so that we'll have an idea of who is looking for what and what to bring. If we have an idea of what to bring we can probably load the truck up.

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I would like to attend, but I don't know where it is going to be....details would be great...thanks!!!

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transplanted2scin07(7b upstate SC)

It will take place in Greer, SC which is halfway between Greenville and Spartanburg and 1.5 hrs away from Charlotte, NC. I will provide more specific details to those who email me via this website or whose emails I already have. (Yes, Dibbit, you're on my list and so is everyone else above). As the time get closer, I will send an email to all on the list and we can communicate with each other directly so we don't clog up this site.

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gnomey(7b SC zip296)

Thanks Sandi! It would be great to communicate so we have an idea of what and how much to bring. I know Erin and I each have a lot of plants and a nice variety too, if only we can figure out which ones are most desired by the other people who are coming. :) So excited.. this is my first plant swap "event." I've traded by mail quite a lot and done some in-person individual plant trades but never a group plant swap. I hope this is a huge success. Can't wait to meet everyone.

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Whoahoo, I am gonna get to come!!!
I don't have that much at this minute but and working on it and maybe by then I will have some baby plants at least!!!
:) Fran

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Ralph Whisnant(z7b-8 NC)

Sandi, we are in Raleigh but still have our home in Taylors. If I can arrange to be in SC that weekend, I would love try to come to your swap in Sept. Here is a link to my Trade page which I will be updating soon to reflect the seed and plants that I have added this summer.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Plant and Seed Trade List

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Hi, Sandi - I am a Massachusetts girl who is being transplanted to - Greer, SC! - hopefully by September of 08. Obviously I will not have plants, but I am a seedaholic, and if I am there by then (keep your fingers crossed that my house sells soon!), I would love to be a part of this.

I will email you soon if I don't hear from you. I am also curious to know about where you were transplanted from, and how you like the Greer area. I've heard absolutely nothing but positive things about it, and although I've never been there, my husband loves it.

Looking forward to connecting with SC gardeners!


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transplanted2scin07(7b upstate SC)

Awesome, Kim, I'm originally from Maine! If your house doesn't sell in time, we can trade seeds by mail until it does. Keep in touch with me via email at "My Page".

Ralph's idea of using the trades list for knowing what people have or want is a good one. I'll try to post a message with how-to instructions if I can remember how to get back to it myself. The gw people do not make it easy!

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Ralph Whisnant(z7b-8 NC)

One way to provide a link to your Exchange Page when typing a message is to add your Member Name at the end of the following and type it in the block below that asks for Optional Link URL: user name here). If you have not created an Exchange Page, you can access yours by clicking on Member Pages at the bottom of this page. When you have created your Trade Lists, be sure to save them before leaving the site.

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I would love to come but I have a prior committment. It is early in the day so may be able to come near lunchtime. I don't know what I may have to share or trade.

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Sandi, I have a question. Why don't you want us talking about the swap here?
If it is allowed to be an open dicussion we will be able to know what ppl are wanting and who will be coming, and it is easier for ppl to list what they have available and what they want then for us to have to go check out their pages and contact them.
And besides, that is what this forum was designed for when it was set-up. Please reconsider you statement about posting to each other through private email.
Usually there is a seperate thread started with the heading with something like: Upstate swap trades or something like that. Talking about them on here makes it more fun and other ppl see that and want to come too.
The big trade that TJ holds in Gardner they bring food and make it a at least half day event, so they even start threads with something like: Foods for Raleigh swap.
I am not using this by any means as suggestions as to how to run your swap, I am just using it as an example to let you know it is ok and fun to use this forum as a sounding board for the upcoming swap.
Hope you don't think I am trying to step on your toes cuz I am not. I just love getting more excited about the upcoming event. Talking with everyone is so much more fun:).

Thanks for hosting this by the way,

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I'd like to join...I'll email you via the site for info. :O)
Thanks Fran for letting me know about the swap!!! Maybe we could even go together or something.....who knows! lol


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I don't have too much now but I could take some cuttings and have some stuff by then. I am kind of interested in what others might be interested in though. I have the following plants currently:

8-9 4 inch pots of pothos already rooted. Each has several pieces in it.

2 4 in pots of arrowhead vine already rooted with a few pieces in each.

2-3 rooted african violet pieces. They are rooted but they are one leaf stuck in dirt lol. It takes a while for them to actually form a full plant but one leaf will do it.

I can possibly have:

More Arrowhead Vine
More Golden Pothos
More african violet
Mother in Law's tounge (limited)
Purple Heart Wandering Jew
Aglaonema commutatum Silver King (limited)
Dieffenbachia (limited)

Mexican Sage (limited)
Russian Sage
Garden Variety Sage
French Lavender
Provence Lavender
Lady Lavender (limited)
Small clumps of common and variegated gold and silver thyme.
Rosemary (limited)

Landscape Plants
Dusty Miller
Variegated Vinca

3 varieties of hibiscus
Orange Mint
Chocolate Mint

And that is about all I can remember at the moment.

If anyone is interested in those particular plants please let me know and I'll plunk some in the dirt to have ready.. or make sure I collect some seed for those plants.

I know I need to work on making an exchange list lol.. just figured for the moment I would put some stuff out there.

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Add me to the list. I e-mailed you awhile back. Let me know if I need to e-mail you again.

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Just checking out some lists to see what everyone was looking for. Gnomey, I have some garden variety purple balloon flowers I can get some seeds from (none quite ripe yet) or making cuttings of and I actually have one spring of pineapple sage growing off to the side of the plant that I can dig up. I also have a pink Clethra. I'm not sure of the variety but can get seeds or cuttings from that as well. Here is a photo:

I think seeds for that won't be ripe until later in the fall but could send some then...

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is curry hard to grow? or did u buy a plant not seeds?

:) Fran

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I bought a plant. I smelled it two rows over and figured it would add a little extra kick of fragrance in the herb garden.

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Arg.. all I saw was September. I didn't even think to look at the actual date (I'm real bad add lol) and that Saturday is my soon to be 14 year old Daughter's birthday. That pretty much counts me out unless she wants to go which is possible because she loves plants and has a little garden of her own but... I don't know.

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Hi everyone,
I wanted to let everyone know that I'm planning to be there in September. Looking forward to it.

Sandi, I should be on the list. Is there anyone else coming that hasn't posted here yet? I was just wondering.

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gnomey(7b SC zip296)

aezarien, I hope you will be able to come! I also would love to know how you styled your GW member page like that. It looks great! Where did you enter your CSS? I've been designing websites from scratch since 1997 but have no idea how to work with things like facebook, gw, myspace, etc.

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Gnomey - Thank you! I just used inline styles in the box you put your bio information in.

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aezarien, I love your page, super cool. I have been trying to change my member pages all month and it will not take my new info...don't know what is up with that. It is weird.

I do hope you are able to come, bring your daugther, I am sure she will have a good time.

Where is everybody? I know there are more upstate and lower NCians around here then just us!

:) Fran

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Well.. she says she wants to come but you know teenagers.... lol.

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transplanted2scin07(7b upstate SC)

Erin, there are currently quite a few people on my list that have shown interest in coming that have not posted within this thread. I first suggested this swap back in the early Spring but decided at that time to wait until Fall. Back then there were only 6 or 8 people interested. I think the current list has grown to over 20 people.
Fran, if you'd rather post your wants and haves here, that's fine. I don't always remember to log in to GW to check the thread but now that I know some lists will be posted here, I'll have to try harder to check in more frequently.
Steph, no need to email me again. You're on my list.

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Thanks Sandi, I am glad you don't have a problem with us discussing what we have/want.
I think it should be posted on the actual exchange side and use this one just for those who are signing up. If that is ok with you.
That way you will know if there are new post here it is for those expressing interest in coming, how's that?

Thanks again Sandi, I am glad there is going to be a swap closer to me :)!!!
:) Fran

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I think I am the only dummy that posted a list lol. I just found the exchange list the other night after I posted it. And even then I don't think I fully comprehended what was going on there. I think I got it now though! (duh)

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Frances Coffill(7b)

Well have fun everyone, I think this is the closest swap I have seen since I joined GW! I really wish I could come, maybe you will do it again next year.


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sandlapper_rose(Zone 8)

I might be able to come to the plant and seed swap, will have to check a bit closer to the date. I will send you e-mail. Please send me the information. Sounds like fun!

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Hey, Ralph, I saw you have Angelonias on your want list. I have extra Purple Stripe which has a purple and white striped flower!

I have not had time to update my trade page or see exactly what else I may have. BUT I always have grape hyacinths to share! I also have Penstemon Huskers Red that I can divide and can get cuttings from a confederate rose. Usually have elephant ears or cannas, but they are just not doing anything this year.

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Fran, I meant to say that I have some paper rolls that are left over from a project I was doing so they have your name on them now!

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