Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate and ?

quirkpod(7 Lewisville NC)August 27, 2004

I seeded it with pink Zinnia seeds this year for the first time and it looked wonderful! They both grew to over 5 feet tall. WOW! What else makes a dynamite match with Kiss Me?

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Wow! your zinnias were over 5' too? save me some seeds? lol :)

I also had hot pink zinnias under, infront, around them... didn't plan it that way, but these must have been zinnia seeds that blew away from last years flowers in another part of the garden. (I even had zinnias sprout in the lawn, that I rescued!) Love the look of them together too!

My very favorite though was the purple 'Victoria' salvia (from six pack of annuals on sale) that I planted in front of them... they grew into a lovely patch and were so beautiful in front of the KMOTGG and flowered forever... until my 4 year old (racing on his bike) ran right into them, falling on them and crushing half of them! :P

I made a lovely bouquet of dried purple sage though, and have tons of seeds from these too... will definately add them again by the KMOGGs along with the pink zinnias next year.

Oh and I've got lots of purple bearded iris I planted there for the first time too, so will see how they look next year. The Iris will probably be done blooming by the time the "Kiss Me"s start their show... but I'm hoping to have some color going in all seasons. =)

What else did you plant with them?


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