Garlic benefits???

Organic_johnny(z6b SEPA)September 23, 2004

Tried posting on the organic forum...didn't even realize this forum was here!

I understand that garlic is supposed to be good for repelling varmints and maybe some insect pests...does anyone have a good list somewhere of what it repels, and how well it does it?

Here is a link that might be useful: thread on og forum

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sherrymo(6 / Mo.)

Read your post on organic forum and remembered seeing a link to a chart here. Garlic is good just about anyplace for repeling aphids. Roses do love garlic!
Hope this helps.

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I took some courses on gardening and ask one of the professors from Texas A&M about companion plants such as garlic with roses marigolds with tomatoes. His reply was they may look pretty but no benefit. I STILL plant garlic by my roses and marigolds with tomatoes....not sure what the marigolds do for tomatoes but mine are putting on more blooms for a fall crop .

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ltcollins1949(9a TX)

I really enjoy growing, cooking with and teaching herbs. I have done extensive research on herbs including garlic which states that Garlic Allium sativum makes an excellent companion plant. It is suggested that you plant it near fruit trees (near the trunk), roses and raspberries since it is thought to deter aphids, tree borers and Japanese beetles. It improves the growth and health of other nearby plants, particularly cabbages, eggplants, tomatoes and fruit trees.

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muddy2shoes(8B Houston TX)

marigolds are supposed to prevent nematodes. garlic repels just about all critters including deer, cats and some people.

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