Colour theory: How to make magentas redder?

RottnK9(8a BC)September 17, 2003

After searching the garden stores for the elusive Clematis Texensis Gravetye Beauty, I've given up (this year) and decided to make the most out of my Clematis Mme. Julia Correvon.

Does anyone know a bit about colour theory? How would one make a dark pink/purple clem. (the majority of "red" labelled clematis) more red? I am not asking how to alter the colour of the plant, simply how to make the flower colour appear redder than it actually is. Can anyone recommend another clematis, with similar bloom times, that might bring out the red hues of this plant? Would it be better to try a C. Niobe, what about a white clem., a yellow one?

Any suggestions are appreciated.



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melle_sacto(Z9/Sunset 14 CA)

My understanding of color theory is that opposite colors create the most contrast; Red is opposite Green, Orange is opposite Blue and Yellow is opposite Purple. I would conjecture that since Magenta falls between Red and Purple, something between Yellow and Green would provide good contrast, maybe the chartreus of "Limemound Spirea", a pale green sedum, a yellow-green hosta or "Sunset Gold" coleonema. As for making the magenta appear more red, if you planted something that flowered a deeper bluish-purple, with more blue in it, the flowers on your clematis might look redder because, theoretically, Blue would bring out Orange.

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RottnK9(8a BC)

Perfect! Exactly the answer I was looking for. Mme. Correvon is planted next to a Euonymous 'Emerald n' Gold' -- I'll just try and find another Clem. matching your bluish-purple recommendation. They are all blooming right now -- shouldn't be too hard to find.


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melle_sacto(Z9/Sunset 14 CA)

Your welcome, hope it works for you! Heh heh, I should take a page out of my own book, most everything in my yard is green on green. :-)

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statman(z5 IN)

Caroline, If your intent was to find a clear red clematis, don't fret too much about the Gravetye Beauty. I purchased one from Song Sparrow last year, and it's a great plant (really took off in the spring and is already towering 8 feet tall), but its flowers are somewhat magenta too. At least it's a very blue-based red, about the color of "red" roses. I was a little disappointed about the color; however, the health and vigor of the plant are winning me over.

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