beans and sweet peas

sooty_wass(wgtn,NZ)September 28, 2003

Is it possible to plant climbing bean seeds with sweet pea seeds together around a pole(one sweet pea seed and two bean seeds) and also two beans seedlings with one sweet pea seed? will the growth of any of these be constricted?



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infullbloom(6 TN)

These plants with tender tendrils do best on wooden lattice work, chicken wire or plastic mesh materials. They need something to grab onto quickly.
You can wrap chicken wire or mesh-type material around your pole to help encourage them to climb.
Their roots will thrive if you sow the seeds thickly, about 1/2 to 1 inch apart.
I'm not sure as to the constricting issue since you didn't mention which climbing bean you are wanting to plant.
Hope this helps.Good luck.

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