Prayers Please

MissMudPuppy(z7 - L.I.)October 25, 2012

Hello all. Hope each of you is well. Would like to humbly ask for prayers for all of us living on the East Coast. As of last report, Hurricane Sandy is heading up the coast getting ready to slap us silly, the worst for my area being predicted to strike Mon into Tues. 2 days straight of hell. Goody. I'm no stranger to hurricanes or Nor'Easters, been through 3 'canes & more than I can remember Nor'Easters which dumped various feet of snow each time. Each storm was an experience in itself but it also taught me the importance of being grateful for what I do have & not to take anything/anyone for granted. I'm grateful the good Lord kept His hand upon my family & our property with the only loss being our food, but even that was still a hardship for us. We have a gas grill for cooking, bottled water, lanterns, & kerosene heaters but we're still trying to get our hands on an affordable generator for the fridge. My father still has to secure his boat before the storm hits so we'll be busy with that the next few days. My Brugs are now in the house sitting upstairs with the Plumies so I'm relieved at least they'll be safe :).

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Sending prayers your way.
We have family that lives on Long Island.

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MissMudPuppy(z7 - L.I.)

THANK YOU for your prayers ruthz! Truly appreciate it! Will be praying for your family members too :). Where might I ask are they on Long Island? I'm in south Levittown.

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They are in the Brentwood area

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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

Prayers from this North Texan as well. May God keep everyone safe!!

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Sending Prayers your way, that all turns out well, it can be really Scary, I hope all goes well for everyone


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Am praying that the Lord stands between you and those storms. He is able!

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Sending prayers that the good lord keeps you safe.

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MissMudPuppy(z7 - L.I.)

Grateful THANK YOUs to all of you for your prayers & encouragement :) !! It really helps to know there are people "hugging" us with prayer. Still no generator :( but I have to trust our Lord will keep His mighty hand upon us & bring us through this again like He's always done. Dad was not able to secure his boat like he usually does - the marina across the canal has all of their boats blocking all of us (?!) from moving our vessels in the middle like we usually do for every storm - so this has us all a bit concerned. Praying for God to keep them all afloat & ride out the surge safely. First effects of Sandy are due to hit Long Island sometime tomorrow afternoon/evening with the worst being Mon night into Tues. Thank you again for thinking of us & keeping us in prayer friends! Truly appreciate it.
In His Love (((hugs to you all))) ~ Angharand

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I am in Sayville on the South Shore. This is about half way/middle of the Island.

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We are supposed to get a direct hit by Monday but should begin feeling effects of Sandy tomorrow. Heavy rain and the newest predictions are for 2 days of sustained winds of 40 - 60 mph. It's just a wait and see. We already booked a couple rooms at the Marriott for next week in case we lose power. The last time we had a bad storm with an extended power outage we had a terrible time trying to find a hotel room. Not waiting this time. I'm sure we are going to have damage from tree limbs, just hope it's not too bad and doesn't damage the roof. I have a feeling the greenhouse won't withstand sustained high winds. It's come thru gusts of more then 60 mph over the years but the weather has taken a toll and I don't think it's that structurally secure any more. I'll cross my fingers, prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Good luck to all of us in Sandy's path.

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MissMudPuppy(z7 - L.I.)

@crocuscottage: I love Sayville! Good to see a fellow Long Islander on here. Will be praying for you & yours.

@karyn1: glad you were able to book rooms just in case! Let me know if your greenhouse makes it through Sandy (fingers crossed).

Update: was finally able to secure all the boats in our canal this morning PTL!
All we can do now is watch, wait, & pray. If you don't hear from me after today, we most likely lost power. Will be back on ASAP. Thx again all!

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gymnmore(z8, LA)

Continuing to keep all those in Sandy's path in our prayers. Please try to be safe.

~ Judy

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Hope you don't have any damage, stay safe. The majority of my DH's and my extended familes are in NY and most of them are on LI. I'm especially concerned for my cousins in Oyster Bay. We are just now getting heavy rain but the winds are still light. The worst is supposed to hit late tonight and tomorrow but everything has already closed down. All the schools, colleges, public transportation, local and Federal governments are closed. I can understand closing the subway because some tunnels are already taking on water but I don't see any reason that the buses have already stopped running.

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Praying everyone is safe and the storm passes quickly.

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The Washington DC area dodged the bullseye this time. My thoughts and heart are with the people of New York and New Jersey.



They stopped the buses 1) in anticipation of many more down power lines than we ended up with 2) the safety of people standing outside in the storm winds with flying debris 3) the safety of employees who would have to drive in to work and home again and 4) the state of emergency asking people to stay off the roads. Not to mention the liability if a tree struck a bus or brought a power line down on it. I'm not sure how a bus drives in 40-60 mph winds, but I know I wouldn't want to carrying passengers when I did it.

It turned out they over prepared because the hurricane went 100-200 miles more north when it speeded up. But there was no way to know that ahead of time.

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We were very lucky in the DC area. Our power was out for a very short time and we had no damage. Kimka that makes sense. I hadn't considered any of that. Most of my family in NY is on the North Shore of LI and they avoided the worst of the storm. Most are still without power but they didn't suffer the devastation that affected so many. My cousins in Nyack have several huge trees down blocking the driveway and front entrance but they also were extremely lucky that the trees didn't fall on the house. Their house is on the river and the pics she sent were unbelieveable.

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MissMudPuppy(z7 - L.I.)

Fondest greetings to everyone! I hope & pray all of you who were affected by Sandy are doing better than before & are getting the help/answers you need. Levittown was hit pretty bad by Sandy (90-plus mph winds which knocked out power to almost everyone on the Island) but I thank God for His hand upon us. Our house & boat amazingly made it through unscathed. Only loss we had was our electricity & food. We were without power from Oct 29th 4:26 pm & didn't get it back until 10:30 this morning thx to a wonderfully kind hearted utility crew from Kalkaska, MI. There are people in the Rockaways, Howard Beach, Staten Island, & all along the South Shore who have nothing left. The areas look like a bomb was dropped on them. Our friends & family who live on the canals in Amity Harbor, Seaford, & Massapequa had the first floors of their homes flooded by a 4 ft storm surge so everyone's been helping clean up after that. Some peoples homes are uninhabitable now so we're all trying to pitch in wherever, however we can to make sure everyone has a warm, safe place to lay their heads until permanent housing can be found for them. It's been a surreal 2 wks for me as well as the rest of my fellow Long Islanders that I'm still trying to process through my head. I'm emotionally, mentally, & physically drained from it all & it will take a few more days for me to unwind & recharge before I'm back in the swing of things again. In all my almost 40 yrs of living here, I never would've imagined such devastation could happen from a Cat 1 hurricane, but I also got to see much kindness bestowed upon us from people all over the country who just wanted to do something to help. THANK YOU everyone!!! We truly, humbly appreciate it!!! :)

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